OEM is a new offering from Liaoning Biomedical Materials providing internally developed products using the high quality advanced design, development, and manufacturing standards that are a trade mark for the companies' products world-wide to customers globally. These products include mechanical implantable devices, catheters, and an assortment of technologies in their finished form.


Manufacturing is organized in a plant in the north of China Dalian where Liaoning Biomedical Materials owns an area of more than 4,000 m2. The plant area of 1.000 m2 including three clean rooms (Class C 10,000) is for manufacturing catheters for stent delivery systems (balloon expandable and self-expandable) as well as PTCA and PTA catheters.
A larger plant is nearing completion in 2014 while Liaoning Biomedical Materials will have more capacity to develop and build the above products.


We offer a wide range of balloons in various diameter and length for PTCA, PTA and any other customized balloon, with other sizes available upon request.

Packaged non-sterile or private labeled sterile product?
PTCA, PTA and Stent Delivery System applications?
Compliant, semi-compliant and non-compliant balloons
Wide variety of balloon sizes and lengths available?
Custom balloon to meet stent requirements?
Regular Physical / Chemical Tests


Stents have been our core business since the inception of the company. We have extensive experience in processing devices from a variety of materials, such as Stainless Steel (316LVM), Cobalt Chromium (L605), Nickel Titanium, Biodegradable materials. We offer various services for stents.

Vacuum heart treatment (316LVM, L605, Low Nickel materials, etc)
Laser cutting
Drug coating (polymer coating stents, polymer-free stents)
Regular Physical / Chemical Tests


We offer sterilization with ETO method.。
All manufacturing and sterilization activities are certified ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003.

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