Established in October 2004, Liaoning Biomedical Materials R&D Center Co., Ltd. (LBC) is dedicated in developing, manufacturing and marketing for interventional medical devices of Class III, e.g. coronary stents. LBC is also an industrialization demonstration base of coronary stents and national-level high-tech enterprise.

LBC leads the world in developing the first polymer-free drug-eluting coronary stent which uses a microporous surface for drug loading. This innovative technology obtained a national patent for invention.

LBC is one of the most innovative companies in interventional devices industry. It has participated in more than 30 national or local scientific programs and obtained 10 national patents for core technology. The company has developed YINYI? coronary metal stent system, YINYI? polymer-free drug-coated (paclitaxel) coronary stent system, YINYI? PTCA balloon catheter and the other interventional catheters.

With a headquarters located in Dalian, now the company owns more than 150 staff, most of which have a bachelor or higher degree. We also set up a technical committee and a management committee, including many experts coming from these famous universities or institutes, e.g. Stanford, Kanazawa, Yonsei, Tsinghua, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

We have a great R&D team and an experienced sales team. We have 5 sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Shenyang, which help to spread out our marketing network to over 100 distributors and 400 hospitals in 29 provinces in China.

The company has three clean rooms (GMP) and several standard production lines for stents cutting, drug coating, catheter, assembly, packaging and sterilization. The total production area is up to 5000 square meters, and all the quality management system is running compliant with ISO9001 & ISO13485. YINYI? coronary metal stent system and YINYI? PTCA balloon catheter has CE mark, YINYI? polymer-free drug-eluting coronary stent system got the approval from Thailand.

"One voice, One goal" is a belief and spirit in LBC, and we will always make the best for patients and society.

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